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Comprehensive Consultation

In keeping with our aim to deliver an informative service, we run a sophisticated consultation protocol throughout all service departments – Cosmetic dermatology and aesthetics, in order to better determine treatment goals, provide an understanding of your unique criteria, and the treatments prescribed.

Cosmetic dermatology consults provide an in depth skin analysis, to assess both the surface and subsurface condition of your skin, in addition to monitoring your progress during treatment.  Based on the results of your analysis a detailed action plan can be created aiding communication between you and your provider.

Non medical treatment and grooming consultations are taken just as seriously, and prior to any consultation and in depth assessment is conducted in order to assess your goals, desired outcome and lifestyle compatibility prior to treatment recommendation or commencement.


At Boston Laser and Skin, we really do want you to love what you see in the mirror. And we want you to feel confident that we can help you achieve that. We provide highly effective treatments for our clients at fair prices.  We understand that this investment in you is significant – and we want to provide the best payment options possible.

Many of our clients prefer to finance this investment themselves – others take advantage of financing.  Boston Laser and Skin offers qualified borrowers the ability to finance their procedure through one of our financing business partners, and make low monthly payments over an extended period of time.   It’s not necessary to delay a treatment you want, or worry about paying for everything up front. We are able to establish credit lines within minutes – making it quick and simple to schedule your treatments.  

We will assist you in determining which payment/financing option works best for you.

Some plans offer No Interest if paid within a specified period of time.